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I recently built my own PC using 6GB OCZ DDR3 RAM, and an EVGA GTX 275. Several reliable sources including task manager and dxdiag tell me that my card is apparently taking 2.8GB RAM from my System Memory, giving it 3500 MB Total Video RAM. Because of this, I only have 3.2 left to use. I've already run out a few times. EVGA Precision and dxdiag do not offer any way to change this number.

How do I make the GPU STOP sharing memory, so I can have my 6GBs of RAM back?
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  1. If you are ending up with 3.2 GB remaining, it sounds like you are running a 32 bit OS which with 4GB or higher only allows you access to a bit more than 3GB.
  2. ^+1 hunter315
  3. XP-32bit and Vista-32bit can only address 32 bits of address space, or about 4GB. So 2GB of your 6GB would be unavailable for anything. Your video card has memory that must be addressed, so it is mapped into that 4GB space. There's some other overhead as well, so if you have 3.2GB available that is probably correct and there's nothing you can do about it.

    If you run a 64-bit version, something is wrong.
  4. Just because your running vista doesn't mean you have a 64Bit OS. There are 32bit versions.

    I'm not sure this is the problem. He does state that "Several reliable sources including task manager and dxdiag tell me that my card is apparently taking 2.8GB RAM". Its my understanding that if he was using a 32bit OS, it wouldn't state 2.8GB+ of video memory in Dxdiag. I would like to confirm the answer/statement however.
  5. I'm running XP-32bit, 4GB memory installed, 2x768MB 8800GTX's, DXDiag reports 2814MB RAM. Task manager reports 2880784 available.

    All he has to do is respond to us with a one-line post. If he doesn't, he's 32-bit.
  6. raybob as everyone has pointed out this is nothing to do with your gfx card using memory .

    It actually works in the opposite direction . A game cant use more of your system memory , than there is memory on your gfx card
  7. It is not easy to determine how much memory your system is using. Applications use a certain amount of allocated virtual memory that must be backed up by physical ram. This is not necessarily a 1:1 relationship.

    The working set number is the amount of ram that the application is using most of the time.

    To determine the impact of ram or the lack thereof, go to the performance tab in the task manager.
    Look under the memory section. Pay attention to the hard faults per minute column. This should be a very modest number, like <10/minute. That means that every 6 seconds, the os interrupts your application to resolve a hard page fault.

    If you look at the disk section, you can get an idea of what your disk response time to the page file is. Assume it is something like 10ms, then in this example you are impacting your application by .001 x 1/6 seconds every second, or 0.16%
  8. whoa!?! Too much for this guy.... he doesnt understand why his GFX is "supposedly" using his system memory and you talk a bout sectors and so-fourth. Dont you know most of the words you and I use to describe everyday tasks that we perform, sound like chinese and feel like a horror flick.... for people that have these problems!
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