Need a dvd drive for my asus g72gx

ASUS said because my dvd drive is not reading to do a recovery. The drive spins when you insert a DVD but it doesn't read or recognize it at all. I can take the dvd disc out and put it in another computer and it works fine. I think it would be easier to replace the DVD Player rather than sending it in under repair and have them wipe my drive. Any suggestins? Thanks.
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    Notebook drives tend to be pretty manufacturer-specific and even model-specific. You may have to either send it to Asus or, if you are confident inside a computer, see if they will ship you the replacement DVD drive and swap it yourself. Warning: if you haven't done that sort of thing before, it may break your PC.

    Why would Asus wipe your hard drive to replace the DVD drive? Did you check with them that that would actually happen? They may simply warn that it is possible.

    Do a backup before sending the machine in and it won't matter anyway.
  2. Asus gave me specific instructions on doing a Recovery and then seeing if that would fix my problem. I did email back and said that I would prefer just to have them send me the DVD unit and I would put it in. Their reply was; send me a copy of your receipt and they would give me an RMA#. They also stated that they put the laptop back to the same condition it was when I bought it and to back up my data before sending as all my data will be removed.
  3. I finally had to send the ASUS laptop in but not until after I performed a Recovery and wiped everything off my drive as required by ASUS. Of course, it didn't fix the DVD/CD and they finally gave me an RMA # and I have sent it in. Thanks WyomingKnot, I believe your right about the manufacturer-specific and model-specific drives. They would not send me a drive and let me install it. At one time, they paid for the shipping both ways but not any longer.
  4. I sent the laptop in on April 6th and got it back exactly 7 days later. They installed a new DVD player and since there was a note indicating that I had already did the Recovery, they didn't touch my hard drive. I don't know many repair facilities that could have a turnaround in just 7 days. Overall, Asus' repair was a good experience except the tech support on the phone that required me to do a Recovery for a hardware problem before giving me an RMA#.
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  6. Glad that things turned out well.
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