Will this mobo work with ddr3 1600 ram?

I wasnt sure if ddr3 1600 would work with it because in the specs it has 1600 listed as (O.C.). I dont know what that means.
MSI P55-GD65 LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard

and i was wondering which ram to use with it... hopefully something thats good for overclocking my i5 750

someone suggested this to me earlier:
G-Skill Eco Series

I'm not sure if those are good or which model would be best. Im guessing the ones with the lower timings. But ya should i go with the 1600 or the 1333?
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  1. O.C. means overclocked. That motherboard is configured for DDR3 1333/1066, but it will work with 1600. You'll just have to change the speed in your bios settings. Or possibly the MSI software that comes with the motherboard will allow you to configure RAM timings.
  2. ohh ok thx... so should I choose that low voltage ram if i plan to overclock? because supposedly voltages higher than 1.65v on the ram will kill this cpu

    oh and, should i go with the ones with the lower timings?
  3. i could use some feedback on this mobo and the ram if anyone knows anything about them
  4. Since your intention is to overclock system the 1600 ram would be adviseable. As the overclock appears to be anything over 1333 on your board the would be stable at up to 1600. The safe overclock limits on 1333 ram is certainly well below 1600.
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