OCZ Gold DDR3 Dual 2GB

Hi; I have 2gb ocz memory dual(OCZ Gold DDR3 Dual 2GB) I want to add it 2gb; it's better I have 4*1gb modole or 2*2gb module?
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  1. I think this issue has been covered many times over the years.
    2 sticks is better than 4 sticks.

    Pros of 2 Sticks
    1. Overclock easier
    2. More stable
    3. Less Power usage

    Cons of 2 Sticks
    1. More expensive
    Pros of 4 Sticks
    1. I guess I can be cheaper in some ways
    2. I looks nicer because your board is filled up

    Cons of 4 Sticks
    1. Can't overclock as well
    2. Chances of a stick going bad goes up
    3. Some motherboards lower the speed if it sees 4 sticks
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