Best brand and storage size for below 100$?

I just recently had my 250gb Sata seagate baracuda hard drive crash and burn, so I am now shopping for a new drive.

However I am completely lost as to what would be the best drive for my needs. I use my system for gaming, and really do prefer faster loading times. But I also would like a larger drive than I had before.

Looking on newegg, they have a sale on a 1tb Samsung Spinpoint drive for 55$.

But they also have a pretty nice deal on a 500gb Seagate drive for 40$.

But my problem is that both seem to have similar reviews, and none of them really answer my question. Which drive would be better suited and faster for gaming and other general usage?

Also, If you know of a even better drive than this for under 100$ I would be overjoyed if you shared it with me :D. Because its been 5 or so years since I last looked for a drive, so I really quite at a loss at what to look for in a drive.
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  1. I use the Samsung F3 spinpoint, which I believe you've linked to and I'm happy with it for gaming. It's the largest drive I've ever bought at 1 TB and I never thought I'd fill it. But I'm creeping past the 750gb mark already...

    I think you'd be happy with the Samsung.
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