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Is there something wrong when my hd 6950's have a good amount microstuttering and some artifacting when playing crysis? It only happens with this game too. Metro 2033, crysis 2, crysis warhead, and homefront all have no issues. I know that microstuttering is an inherent problem with crossfire/sli but I only have the overclock at 840mhz core (800 mhz stock). And even at stock clocks there is still alot of microstuttering/artifacting in the game. It mostly happens with clouds and trees that are really far away. The clouds will artifact and simply display as squares in the air. I know temps are not an issue as my temps at load are 70C and 40 C at idle. Is it a game issue or are my new cards bad?

My second issue is that i cant seem to push these cards past a 40 mhz core overclock without my games freezing.
The model i have is the SAPPHIRE 100312-3SR Radeon HD 6950 Dirt3 Edition, the cooler is very good and most people in the newegg reviews have their clocks at 900 mhz core without voltage changes. Did i just get unlucky and is it worth it to rma? :(
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  1. Are you having issues at the end of Crysis? Crysis is known to have a memory leak, and it's especially bad at the end. This memory leak will create something like a micro stuttering.

    I also have found Crysis does not like ASUS's software, SmartDoctor, it may also have issues with Trixx if you have that installed.
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    Btw, how much ram do you have? Low ram causes more problems. With 6GB, I can't run with any browsers open and Aero must be off or I run into the same issue.
  3. I have 8 gb of g.skill 1600mhz ddr3 ram and i use sapphire trixx, thats probably why my crysis has those issues :/
    As for my second issue, the low overclock potential for my cards, is that normal? As i said ive seen many people push their hd 6950's to 880/900 mhz without upping the voltage...
  4. That low of a clock to cause artifacts is not normal.
  5. Is it even worth it to contact sapphire or newegg and potentially RMA it , or should i just deal with a card that overclocks very low?
  6. I solved my overclocking woes by raising hte voltage to 1.12v and now have a clock of 870/1325. I also found out that by lowering the AA in crysis from 8x to 2x and turning of aero fixed most of the flickering. I dont know how a voltage raise of 0.02v solved my problems?
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