Freezing on Asus Striker II NSE and Ocz

PSU: Be Quiet Dark Power Pro 1000W
GPU: Gigabyte Ati 5850
MOBO: Asus Striker II NSE
Ram: OCZ 4gb 1333mhz
Cpu: Quad 2,8ghz Q9550

Everytime i play a game or 3d application, my computer suddenly locks up/freezes/crashes. . The audio/sound loops over and over fast. There's nothing i can do including ALT CRT DEL, or switch to desktop or QUIT. The computer totally freezes.

Just built myself a system as described above. No overclocking, latests drivers. Cataysty 9.12
Windows7 runs smooth with almost no crashes (one or two in 3 weeks).

However, multiple crashes in games, after 1-4 hrs (Crysis Warhead , Bioshock , Dirt 2).
System freezes, impossible to CTRLALTDEL or anything.

Now it has become frustrating more with me playing Warhead and it happening every 5 - 30mins.

When I'm in OS it happens rarely, but it happens

My earlier card was Gtx 280 so i was thinking that maybe wrong card. But yesterday i plug my new Ati 5850 and problem again . Fu**** freezing;////////

please HELP !
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  1. Did you do a clean uninstall? if not,then do this:
    1_Download and install Driver sweeper ( )
    2_Go to add/remove programs and uninstall your VGA driver,then restart and boot to safe mode
    3_Open driver sweeper and click on ATI and then click on "Clean",restart and boot normally to windows
    4_Install the driver(Cat 9.12) and restart
    Check if it helps or not
  2. :( I said that on gtx 280 i was getting freezing too.

    So this is mobo-ram ;/ noo drivers
  3. Sorry didn't notice that,well download memtest and run for some hours and check if it reports any errors or not
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