PSU requirements for new GPU's?

I was checking out some of the new cards, (currently have 8800 gts 512), and noticed that on like the gtx 260 and 275 that I was looking into, there was a PSU requirement of at least 550w, which suprised me. The PSU I have is a 535w unit and the only peripherals I have are 1 HD, 1 GPU, X-Fi card and DVD burner.

So, I'm wondering, if i want to upgrade my video card do I really have to upgrade my PSU as well? Are the new GPU's that power hungry?

Thx in advance ^^
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  1. your probably do not need to upgrade if you have a solid 535w PSU

    the video card manufacturers are just covering their butts if a cheap PSU is used. Some are starting to post amps on the 12v as a more accurate form or qualifying a PSU.

    What PSU do you have?
  2. It is an Enermax EG565P-VE 535w. And another thing I have no clue about is when a PSU has 1 or multiple 12v rails, I have no clue what that means or what the advantage is. Mine said it had 2 12v rails when I got it.

    I am also going to upgrade from an original E6600 C2D to a Q9550 and a new MB, I'm assuming I would be ok on that upgrade with my current PSU?

    thx again 8)
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