Monitor Keeps Going Black with new graphics drivers

Hello, I recently upgraded my graphics card due to hardware failure.
I did have a GeForce 7900gt and upgraded to Radeon HD 4850 1gb. While doing this my 600w Alienware PSU went rogue on me and quit.

Replaced that with a Corsair 750w PSU.

All before the new components were added I reformatted and installed windows (big crash after a move). The graphics card had artifacting until windows was loaded, then worked OK. As soon as I installed drivers for the GeForce 7900gt my CRT monitor would go black after the Loading Windows XP screen while it was trying to load the log in screen.

Trying not to replace anything right then, I uninstalled drivers....Worked great. Then I found some 2 year old drivers for the card and it worked fine. Just couldnt get my Samsung LCD monitor to work (that just flashes the blue power LED)

Needless to say, i got a bug up my ass and replaced the graphics card and PSU. Same thing happens, as soon as there are new drivers, the monitor goes out.

I have unloaded and reset RAM, power cycled the system numerous times, switched the PCI-E slot of the Radeon 4850.

I have also done all Windows Updates, installed drivers on monitors. I have Catalyst installed but it said (Failure During Installation). I have Catalyst on my desktop and i can run the program. DXDiag shows that i have the current graphics card. But if i go to change screen resolution or mess with dual monitor support....monitor goes black.

Any and all help would be awesome. Would appreciate help that didnt cost money the most! Didn't have the money to upgrade like i did, let alone purchase more stuff!
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  1. I have a friend with a similar problem monitor wouldn't work so he bought a new computer. Well the old monitor wouldn't work right on that either so he rma'd the new computer and bought another one, same problem. So he sent back that computer and now all he has is the old monitor.
    Is there anyway you can borrow someones monitor to try that? or look for a bent or broken missing pin on monitor cable.
    Lastly look in device manager at monitor, if you can, when LCD is hooked up. If I use the drivers for my samsung lcd it fails. For what ever reason windows prefers to use generic lcd display with my unit then it works fine. Irritating but it was a christmas gift originally.
  2. * Power off the monitor
    * Disconnect all cabling from the bottom and/or sides of the monitor (especially the power cord)
    * Press and hold the monitor power button down for 5 seconds
    * Reconnect only the monitor power cord and the #2 white DVI
    * Power the monitor on
    * The PC should already be on. The monitor should auto sense the #2 white DVI. If it does not, press the Input Select button and change to #2 DVI
    I read on Dell I believe-Using flat but worth a try..See if you can monito GPU temps too. On FS never had issues, but on CRT I did.
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