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My first time posting.
Any advice? because I OC my i7-930 to 3.8(3.96 on turbo mode) at 1.24VCore. My temps at idle play around 44-45c at idle and 74-75c at load on 9hours of prime95 blend test. Are those good? been reading a lot on the forums and just cant get a concrete answer. If it helps i leave in the Philippines and ambient plays around 34-38c depending on the time of the day. If I run my on that oc for at least 8hours a day daily will my CPU last for at least 3years?

System Specs:
Coolermaster Haf X
GA X58A-ud3r
i7-930@3.8(3.9 turbo)
6G Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D
Corsair HX850
MSI GTX460 Cyclone.
XSPC RX360 Kit

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    Those load temps are a little on the high side, so are the idle, but it's not really a problem. However, as long as you aren't running prime95 all the time and keep your temps under 70C, you will be ok, but personally, I'd try for 4-5C cooler.

    It is not recommended that you use turbo mode when overclocking. You still get to have speedstep, which underclocks your system when not under load, and since you are overclocking already, you get control of the peak load. Your system should be more stable as well, it may even become cooler at load.
  2. Thanks.. I will try to turn of turbo mode later.. As for idle temps ambient is pretty high in my country so I don't have much control and I am already running on water. lol!!! Other power saving features are on though so on idle CPU automatically down clock to 12x multiplier.
  3. I'm not concerned about idle. The load is just a bit on the high side. I'd feel more comfortable with the 70C or lower rule, but if you don't get near 70C under normal conditions (non prime 95 situations), you may still be ok.

    You may also find that running at a multiplier of 19x, rather than 20x, may help you. I keep reading that the i7's run better on odd multipliers and it did for me. It actually lower temps a couple degrees C due to running more stable at lower voltage.
  4. thanks! Well if I am not running prime95 load temps usually goes as high as 65c on heavy gaiming. I am aiming for 3.8, think will change settings to 19x on 200blck. I will try to run on stock temps first before lowering the voltage.
  5. 75c for an overclocked 930 with 38c (ouch) ambient temperatures is not bad at all. In fact a lot of people are running in the 70's on stock cooling and stock frequency. I would say enjoy and get an air conditioner if all possible :)
  6. Air conditioner is not really an option for me because my parents will kill me due to electricity bill. LOL!!!! But an air conditioner would be a dream come true though for someone in the Philippines. Trust me, temp outside is burning in this country and its supposed to be the rainy season now. LOL!!!
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