Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Bios Beeping Message

Okay recently, maybe a few days ago my mobo has started to continuously beep. I have done some research and found out it may be a message from Bios, so I look at the my beeping could mean and I got Memory Error, the beeping is a long maybe 1 second space beep after another. So I tried to re-situate my memory sticks into different slots, and I made sure everything was in the mobo tightly and nothing was loose.

But after all that the beeping still occurs and I am unsure on how to fix it. I do have my CPU overclocked.


Mobo: Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
GPU: ATI Radeon 4850x2 OCed @ 3.7 Stock: 2.66
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
Memory: 4gb ddr2 800 g.skill Clocked @ 920
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (Latest)
Sound: Onboard

Any Suggestions?
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    1. Clear CMOS.

    2. Make sure the OCing is done right:
    My guess is your RAM is running quite a bit higher than it's ability.
  3. Ok ill try that and check back.
  4. Is this beeping occurring during the POST or after you are in Windows?

    If it's during the POST, what sniper said. Single long beeps are an indicator of serious memory problems.

    If it's inside Windows, drop out and go to the BIOS and check the PC Health tab. You may have a CPU thermal alarm or fan alarm.
  5. Continuous short beeps.....power error. This comes right out of the book.
    Continuous long card not seated properly.
  6. It happens only on the desktop. The beeps are long occurring beep and I don't think it is the GPU it is seated in properly and windows reads the GPU just fine and graphical games work as well. It isn't a CPU overheating problem, because that would be a continuous High then Low beep, which this is not. When I shut my PC down I will try taking off the GPU and re-inserting it. But I plan to get a new mobo soon anyways.
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