Asus GTX295 options?

So i got this card back in Feb and had 3 RMA's till they finally sent me a new one in June. Now my screen stays blue, when i insert my old 8800GT the problem goes away. Has anybody ever worked around with Asus RMA to maybe get a different card entirely? Like the new single PCB version.
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    They aren't gonna give you a new version when they have old stock still sitting around.

    The best RMA's I ever had was a Sapphire x1950pro (6 months old) into a Powercolor x1950pro with artic cooler, and I also got a BFG 8800gt OC (1 year old) into an XFX XXX 9800gt. I guess the reason was due to a lack of my specific card available. That was going direct to the sale point however, not to the manufacturer.
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  3. I had 2x8800GTX (asus) bought from ebuyer (UK), both failed after 2 1/2 years, got a full refund for original amount (£380ea) replaced with 2x5850 and 3x260 216s.

    FYI 3x260s is WAY WAY faster than 2x5850s
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