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Is this a symptom of a CPU goin bad, i did a clean isntall of Windows 7, I was Running Windows Xp Pro both 32b, Every Time i Open up The TaskMger my cpu usage is 43-47 on a clean install i try searching whats hugging up my CPU but no answer. can any one help Me out Thx..
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  1. ^ Did you fully format the PC or just a clean install of WIN on the C: ???
    I doubt your PC is infected with Viruses...Do a complete virus scan and if possible, do a full format of the HDD...
    And this is not a symptom of CPU going bad...
  2. If you can post details of your PC specs it might help us to fault find. Task manager can show you CPU useage in one of two ways. So far you have looked at the the percentage of load on the CPU but if you have a look in the process tab you will be able to see which programes / apps are using the greater amount of cpu time.

    system idel will be around the 98/99 mark and should be the highest useage process running. If its not then look for the app name andcheck what the programe is.

    AV softare on low/mid spec pc's can demand a lot of system resources
  3. You need to find out which process is munching your CPU resources. Use Windows task manager, or even better, a brilliant freeware app called Process Explorer.
  4. Find out what process is using the cpu. In task manager, click on the resource monitor.
    Then expand the cpu line and see what is using the cpu. Research the big cpu user..

    One possibility is that a new install is spending some time indexing your system. That is not bad since it is using low priority cpu cycles and I/O.
  5. i Checked all My Running Services and Startup Programs and Everything Seems to Look Fine. But I Think is a Services Runnin in the background The Taskmgr Really doesn't Give that Much Details.. BTW I did a Full Format on The C:\ Before Installing the OS. Am goin to look into the TaskMnrg Alternatives Thx Guys..

    Windows 7
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
    3G Of RAM
    MoBo: Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H
  6. Press Ctrl-Shift-Esc to start task manager.
    Click the "Processes" tab.
    Click the "Show processes from all users" button.
    Click the "CPU" column heading, twice if necessary, so that the list is sorted by CPU time, descending.

    The top items in the list are the ones using the most CPU.
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