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Please help me out. I am going to be building my new pc. I decided to go with a modular single rail 12v@60amps 750w psu origianlly, however it is too expensive ($200 canadian). Now considering I'm a brand new in making a pc meaning a modular would help me out most, and considering the fact that single rail is better (by how much, i don't know) which feature do you guys think I should go with? Or neither and save money since I'm on a tight budget?

I guess I don't mind a non modular I'll learn to deal with the wires, but how big of a difference is there between a single and a multi 12v rail?
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  1. ^ Just go with any of the following PSU manufacturers - Corsair/ Seasonic/ Silverstone/ PCP&S
    Some options ...

    Some PSUs from the above manufacturers, have Single rail, some multi-rail...If you go with Non-Modular PSUs, you wont have to worry about load sharing across the rails...Only with Modular PSUs, you have to take care that the load is shared equally among the multiple rails...
  2. Thanks for your response
    how much would you say modular is easier to assemble? should I be worried about learning to wire a non modular PSU?
  3. There is no real difference between single and multi rail. Get whichever you can afford. Lots of people like modular, I still prefer the wired kind. I don't have to worry about loose connectors, or inserting into the wrong port. (or which goes where again?) Put your DVD drive in the second from the top bay, and ziptie/twisttie the extra hardwires and shove above the DVD drive. Looks nearly as neat, and no wire issues.
  4. ^ +1
    And if you are getting a case with no Windowed side panel, you wouldnt have to worry much...
    Just get the one that you can afford...But dont compromise on the quality of the PSU...
  5. That is a very good PSU...
  6. yeah that's my dream PSU gkay but it's about $30 canadian more than the 850w corsair and I'm already over the budget. Plus, I have been convinced that it's not that hard to manage a non modular so i'll just suck it up.
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