RAM OC or NOT? cpu already OC'ed.

Hello there, i am overclocking a x3 440 (unlocked) to 3.219mhz, 2220mhz NB and 1998HT, with max load at 1.424v and 56ºC.

My question is about RAM. I was able to overclock my 1333mhz (666), 9-9-9-24, 1.5v, value patriot to 1480mhz (740), 7-8-7-27, 1.65v, getting the most out of my NB as 3x740=2200.

Ram seems stable at this new speed but is it safe to keep it that way or should i bring it back down to 592mhz? At the FSB (222) its either 740 or 592. As the ram has no heat spreader i touched it and while it is very hot, does not burn my finger. System is stable, i just fear that heat might "kill" memory overtime, can it happen? Any experiences?

Thx for the attention.
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  1. in my experience, it can be overclocked Ram value, but the Ram will not last long, I have made four RAM is damaged in this year due to overclock ram value with overvolt VDIM and FSB ... therefore it is better just go back to default and it will be safe for the system, if you want to overclock the ram is better to buy special ram overclock
  2. Higher mhz isn't going to kill your ram provided they don't overheat. Throwing too much voltage at them will depending. If your running stock volts you should have nothing to worry about as long as you have some airflow in the case.
  3. I managed to lower the voltage from 1.65v to 1.59V (1.5 is the stock) and keep it at 740mhz 7-8-7-20-27 instead of 592mhz 8-8-8-22.

    It seems a lot less hot than with the previous 1.65v. I'll keep it like that for a few days and see if the pc complains i guess. I cant push the CPU further because its 4th core is unlocked and any more mhz will go beyond the 1.425v max advertised as safe by amd for my processor. So that why i turned to RAM. I hope 1.59v to 1.50v is considered a small bump for patriots value ram.
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