A8N-32 windows 7 problem solved...

hey guys-

when i go to boot this machine up----windows 7 fresh install asus A8N-32 SLI mobo-nvidia geforce 8600----
windows 7 loads and then...NOTHING. my display goes to sleep when i should get a logon screen. it seems like a hardware problem so i go try various things...one at a time.
it seems like a video problem similar to the one i had when downgrading a machine from vista to XP64 so i focus on video. finally got it to work by swapping the PCI-E card out and using a PCI card, it had the problem with two different PCI-E cards, various BIOS changes and even a CMOS reset....what made it work was changing to a straight PCI card! Also, somethnig i've never experienced before: right after i make a configuation change (such as swapping between the PCI-E cards) i get a logon screen but then after i reboot it goes back to the problem again...is this indicative of somthing and if so, what should i do? why would it works one timne after a change and then go back to malfunctioning?

i'd like it to function with a PCI-E video if possible, since i can throw a better video card in that slot than a PCI slot. :sol:


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  1. What's your power supply? Perhaps you have too little power for your components?
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