Popped my computer building cherry~ with few mistakes.

My gf's lil brother was in need of a new computer
for casual gaming(WoW, Aion some FPS), i told him
i'll build him one for this birthday. He loves it!...but the computer
is too loud. I need help with a few parts.

The motherboard is a GIGABYTE GA-MA770t-UD3P. One of the odd things
i found, was a 8-pin atx 12Vpower connector. I see that the some of the PSU
has the 8-pin connector and some don't. Can i get an adapters for these 8pins?
or do i need to get a psu with a 8pin, i wasn't sure so i got a cheap PSU with 8pin
and it's loud.

Now to fix the problem, i need a
1) Quiet PSU(min 550w) that has the 8pin atx 12v power connector(unless there's an adapter somewhere i can buy)
2) Quiet CPU heatsink/w fan that can fit an am3 motherboard.

any other addition to lower the noise level will be helpful.
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  1. Any name brand quality PSU will work for your board. And any quality PSU will be fairly quiet. The heatsink fan should also be fairly quiet, as long as the CPU is not overheating.
    Make sure cool and quiet is enabled in the BIOS, and make sure the heatsink is properly mounted.
    If you don't have it mounted correctly, the CPU will overheat, causing the fan to run at 100% all the time. Make certain that you have any case fans plugged into the correct fan headers on the motherboard, and not plugged in directly to the PSU. That will make them run at 100% full time as well.
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