How can I tell if my computer is compatible with eSata?

Where do I look on my computer to see if I have eSATA port? or is it in the devices... on the control panel?

The External drive I am looking at is both USB and eSata, so I know I can use it b/c it has usb;
I have a new (july 2010) laptop (Windows 7), but have no idea if it has ESATA? How can I tell?
my other computer is about 2 years old (has Windows VISTA and is an all in one Sony model); will it have an ESATA port?

What does ESATA port look like?
I know what USB port looks like.

I have seen inside my other MUCH OLDER computers and know what the connections look like when you add a HD; is it like that?

Do I have to be able to get inside my computer (and install things) to be able to use ESATA?
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  1. Most current computers have at least one eSATA port on the back which will look like this:

  2. THANKS,
    I will look when I get a minute.
    I really appreciate that speedy reply and photo. It is most helpful!
  3. <rant> There are quite a few "eSata brackets" out there that connect to an SATA connector on the motherboard and present a physical eSata connection outside the case. In my opinion, these are out of spec and should not be used. The electrical specifications for SATA and Esata are different. They overlap, so this lash-up frequently works, but this should not be relied on.

    To find out if your machine / motherboard actually supports eSata, if you have the manual, read it. </rant>
  4. Thanks for the info; I won't probably feel confident to add anything at this point. I appreciate the hints/info.
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