Increasing memory voltage?/Kernel power error and explorer error

Hiya. I've got some serious problems with my pc (intel i5 2,66 ; ocz gold 2x2gb DDR3 ; gigabyte p55 ud3 ; TwinTech GF gts250 XT ; BeQuiet 500W powersupply). Umm.. as my system(Windows 7 Ultimate 64) was 'standing' for about a week, at this time i had 2 serious Kernel power-errors and explorer troubles(self shutting during working etc.). Well i believe, that it is caused by too low default voltage on my motherboard , that is provided to my memory ram (RAM needs 1.7V and by defaults set to 1.5V on my motherboard). I would like to increase the voltage in BIOS but i need to know what does it all mean.

DRAM Voltage - 1,500
DRAM Termination - 0,750
CH-A Data Vref. - 0,750
CH-B Data Vref. - 0,750
CH-A Address Vref. - 0,750
CH-B Address Vref. - 0,750

Which to increase, and how high?
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  1. What kind of tweaks did you execute, if any? I'm assuming the default settings wouldn't cause any problems.
  2. Normally, DRAM Voltage would be the one to change.

    You may be in trouble here, though. Intel says you will damage your CPU if you're running anything over 1.65V memory with a socket 1156 i5 or i7 chip.

    So I would look into that pretty hard before going further and decide whether it's worth the risk, or whether you're better off with different RAM.
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