Need recommendation on HDD setup on P7P55D Deluxe

I need some help or advice. I am planning to setup a RAID1 disk for my boot drive and a RAID0 disk for my data/ video capture drive. I will be using Win 7 64bit OS. Which is the best option or should I do something else?

Option #1
RAID0 data disk and RAID1 boot disk on Intel Matrix controller
Question: can a mixed RAID0 and RAID1 configuration be done on the Intel Matrix Controller? If so, would there be a performance hit with 2 RAIDS on 1 controller?

RAID1 boot drive on Intel Matrix controller
RAID0 data disk on JMicron Drive Xpert
This would fit the description for recommended usage of the JMicron Drive Xpert for data drives.
Question: The RAID0 on the JMicron Drive Xpert has me worried. I hear that the JMicron controller has a limited 250 Mb/S bandwidth for all disks. Would this bandwidth limitation hinder performance making this a poorer choice for the RAID0 drive?

Option #3
RAID1 boot drive on the JMicron Drive Xpert
RAID0 data drive on the Intel Matrix controller
Question: Using the JMicron Drive Xpert to me would make more sense for a RAID1 boot drive if the bandwidth limitation gives RAID0 a performance hit. However, This goes against Asus's recommendation for use of the JMicron Drive Xpert as a system or boot drive. Does anyone else use this configuration?

Please help! What should I do?
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  1. Option 1 is the best one. There will be no performance hit using more than one RAID.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply
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