SLI 8800GTX's w/ BFG PhysX Card

Hey, alittle confused on the PhysX front :cry: . I am running (2) 8800GTX's in SLI on a 680i mobo being pushed by a 2.83 Xeon Quad. i know, i know; i need a mobo upgrade :kaola:.

now to my question(s)

i also have a BFG Ageia PhysX 128 card a friend gave me, but im seeing now that nvidia cards have onboard PPU's? so do i not need the extra dedicated PPU card or would i benefit from it?


not sure if that makes sense any light you cant help shed or explain about the whole process/configuration/data flow would be helpful.
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  1. Well if you have the card install it and see if it makes a difference.
  2. I don't think it will benefit you simple because the 2 8800gtx should run the physx faster then the dedicated card. I have 2 gtx260 in sli and when i add a 3rd dedicated physx card (9600gso) my frames dropped a bit in physx. The 2 gtx260 were able to handle the games fine, without a dedicate card. Im pretty sure the 9600gso is faster then the ageia card so it could result in more of a lose. As chef7734 suggested try it, couldn't hurt.
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