First Time build problem: Video Card not fitting into case

Hi there,

So the problem is my case is a haf 932 much like this one

not my case just example

and I have a gtx 280. However, unlike the video card on the above picture the mechanical PCI slot lock ons don't hold the video card for some reason or in other words they don't close all the way cause the video card has no crease between the metal vga connector and the plastic video card. I am worried cause whenever I turn over the case the video card loses to gravity and becomes all tilted. So i was wondering if this was normal or is my case/video card defected or should i just use screws to fasten the video card.
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  1. This is the first I've heard of this but looking at the pics it makes sense. Can the plastic lock-down mechanism be removed and a screw used in place of it?
  2. I also have never heard or experienced a problem with the lock-ons. You'd know better what to do but you definitely want to securely lock it in. If a screw works then go ahead.

    FYI, you mean "PCIe" (PCI Express) not "PCI."
  3. Yeah, I screwed it in. Fits perfectly. I looked online and they had GTX 280 working with plastic, but I have no idea how. I guess the clips will keep the video card from falling, but it was still uncomfortably loose. Screws are the way to go it seems.
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