SSD scores lower???

Hello all.

I just upgraded my system. my prev build i had a

ASUS m4a785-m mobo
6gigs OCZ ram (the black cool loooking am lol)
GTX 470
Amd ath @ 2.8
Kingston 90g SSd (forget the type)

and the lowest computer performance scores was a 7.3

i just upgraded the mobo and ram fro now to a

and some kingston ram @ 2x4g for 8 total gigs.
and the rest was recycled until i figg out what i wanna get.

so when i did the test, i now have a 5.4 total score with the culprit being the SSD

any ideas? does it mean that my system is really that slow? usually HDDs get a 5 etc....right?
and SSDs higher? cause if my SSd read @7.3 then why the drop?
do i have to install anything or?

im a but stumped.

thanks in advance.
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    You are prably using incorrect drivers for the SSD, unless your Old MB and your New MB use the same chipset - Doughtfull.

    How about all the other drivers that were unique to your Old MB.

    Generally when swapping out the MB for a "NEWER" version it is best to re-install the operating system. You can always change out drivers on a one to one bases, But things get left in the registry that can later bite you, and are difficualt to trace down.
  2. ahhh ok i c i c

    im planning on buying a new cpu later today...i just started with mobo n ram yesterday.
    so if i add the cpu and optical discdrive etc...

    should i reinstall after that?
    or still go ahead now since the mobo is the biggest thing one can upgrade?
  3. optical disk drive is not countable in that system test, afaik
  4. I'd go ahead and do the reinstall prior to installing the new CPU and optical disk drive. Neither of these two components will be affected by doing the re-install before or after. If on a slim chance you have a problem with CPU/dvd instal you know it is these two components - not something in your setup.
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