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I have on board graphics card of a geforce 8200. Im a casual gamer and it play UT 2004 amazingly well. However I was playing a new game out this month (Tales of Monkey Island) and while not graphically heavy the on board card doesn't produce great results. The game is a little jumpy.

Im looking for a fanless graphics card. Basically I wont to know whill something like a ATI 4670 or a nVidia 9600gt or 9800gt be MUCH better than what I have got.

Basically I know NOTHING about graphics cards and to me they only seem to be one number apart (as in graphics card series eg. 8200 and 9600) so can someone help me out before I buy something as it might be a silly purchase.

Also I can apparently SLI / crossfire with an nVidia card with my onboard. Don't no what that means really though.

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  1. hmm, I think ive found the answer on the difference in graphics cards on toms hardware this month.,review-31635-6.html
  2. Yes, they would all be MUCH better than what you have. It's your fanless requirement that is going to limit your choices... don't worry about SLI, you don't need it.
    One of these looks like your best option imo;

    I'd probably go with the HD4670 personally. It's not quite as powerful but it's smaller, more power efficient and runs cooler which I'd think would be important for a passively cooled card although I've never had one.
  3. If you are going fanless to keep the video card to its 1 slot space requirement I would go with the 9600GT. Its slim and has a fan and requires 1 power plug. It gets decent gaming performance as well.

    I had this one and moved it into my wifies system after I got another 8800GTX ACS3 card to take its place for my media center rig.

    You just need to make sure you have enough room for the length. Its a stealthy 10" long.
  4. The HD4670 is plenty for that game and definitely the ideal requirements of your setup. Its fast, low power, low heat and quite. And it costs less as well =p
  5. A question: What powersupply does the system have? Remove the case side and look at the rating label or check the user manual and tell us: Total Watts and how much is on the +12v output, ignore the rest. Also check to see if it has a 6 pin PCI-E connector.
    A few points: Fanless cards need airflow too, do not put a fanless (or passively cooled) card in a small or crowded case, it WILL overheat.
    The 9600 needs a 6 pin connector, the HD4650/4670 do not.
  6. The 4670 is likely good enough but if you have the money get the 9600GT. Its a faster card and will play more games if you decide to venture out later and get a more demanding game.,1338.html

    Let your buget be the deciding factor...
  7. Good point. You should try and give a general rundown of what your system specs are. Or if you dont know, you can give the brand and model of the pc if its store bought.

    I generally ask that question but its 7:30am here and Ive had maybe 3 hours of sleep...
  8. Thanks for the responses.

    I actually just built my system myself so I know everything about it. Here we go:

    Power Supply: Nexus Value 430W (Ultra Silent)
    Processor: AMD 5050e Athlon X2 Dual Core (45W TDP)
    RAM: 8 GB DDR2 1066 MHz Corsair XMS2

    Now the problem. My case is TINY. and the only fans are on the CPU heatsink and the power supply. A built it in mind for running coolly for the way it is at the moment.
    Also my system has been built to be RIDICULOUSLY quiet. I can hardly hear it so I need to go fanless with the card. I am slightly worried about heating of the card but the PCIe slot is at the top of the case (heat rises so maybe it wont go throughout the case as much?)

  9. Those specs look OK for the 4670/9600 my only point of concern is the limited space and airflow could cause heating issues with the more powerful HD4670/9600 cards. Also a passive cooler is quite large, I suggest you check very carefully the card will fit before placing an order.
    If money is a little tight or you do not want the performance of the HD4670/9600 this is a good card, uses the same cooler as the HD4670 linked to by Jyjjy and produces less heat:
  10. Hi,

    The Sapphire Ultimate Radeon HD4670 is a great card for people who appreciate silence and works perfect in a HTPC. I've just put this card on my HTPC and works perfect with only the CPU fan and another 120 cm fan back in the case running at 600 rpm.

    Nevertheless you need to take in account the dimensions of the card if you are limited by your case

    For more details and specifications see:
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