Is that safe ? motherboard ...

i am buildin my new comp i bought ... i dont have my after market heatsink yet . but i dont want to put in into my tower yet since i will have to take it back to remove the oem heatsink when the TRUE will arrive ..

so here is my question ... Can i put my MB directly on my desk ( wood desk kind of melamine ) and built it here just for like 1-2 week max ??? or if a little space is needed same as the spacer we use in tower?

thx ya ..
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  1. No problem, unless you have a cat!
  2. lol just a ferret and it dsnt fly :)
  3. It's called breadboarding:

    No problem. In fact, it is a good idea to test all of your parts before you install them in a case.
  4. ^ Agreed.
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