4830 psu help !!!!

guys i really need your help !!

i upgrade to a 4830 on the 25th july. i did 3 stress tests on it fallout 3, farcry 2 and cod4

all on max / very high

i have a 350w psu that came with my gigabyte case . 6ghz amd and 2 hdds connected.

nobody has bothered to help me as im really clueless about psu :(

i can get a 450w or 500w but i dont know if its going to make the diffrence? becuase the card would have restarted my pc or it would have frozen under stress.

ANY suggestions will be welcome !!!

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  1. Better change your PSU............
    If you don't overclock then a Corsair CX400 will be enough for you.
    But if you do then don't buy anything under VX450.
  2. EDIT: ^+1 Dint referesh before posting...

    Actually a good quality 350W can power 4830 but if it has came with your case, then most probably it would be a low quality one...

    Get PSUs from any of these brands -
    Corsair, Antec EA series, Seasonic, Silverstone, PCP&S, OCZ...
    A 400W+ PSU from any of the above manufacturers with atleast 1 6Pin Connector can power your PC...
    Specific models - Antec EA380/ Antec EA430/ Corsair 400CX/ Corsair 450VX/ OCZ Mod 400W...

    And is it a typo - 6GHz AMD ???
  3. Antec is very reliable , ill check out the corsair and antec as those are reliable ! ill get it ASAP ! no i don't overclock at all :)

    i checked dxdiag now and its a AMD Athlon 64 x2 dual core 6000+ to be exact
  4. I assume the PSU failed on the stress tests, you don't give an answer?
    what make and model is your 350w PSU? The 4830 is not very power hungry
  5. nope i played constantly for 5 hours on fallout 3 today and nothing happend. no crashes , no gfx bugs .

    i dont know what make my psu is all it says is 350watt .
    i got it with my gigabyte case :)
  6. output
    12v - 17A
    +5v - 35A
    +3.3v - 28A

    so the new gfx card needs 26A minimum and ive only got 17A
  7. theres no brand name on it at all ?!?! LOL
  8. 17a on the 12v is enough for the card and since there are no issues you should be ok.

    all the suggested PSU above are solid alternatives if and when you want to upgrade
  9. draconia34 said:
    12v - 17A
    +5v - 35A
    +3.3v - 28A

    so the new gfx card needs 26A minimum and ive only got 17A

    it does not need 26a
  10. it only give me the voltage input and output levels on the sticker . and warranty void sticker . so im guessing its a normal gigabyte 350w
  11. ah ok :D
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