HI i need some help whith the above card iv'e installed it ok and everthing looks fine accept i can't play any of my games when i try i get a frozen black screen and have to reboot.
I loaded the latest drivers from ati so don't know why
my previous card was radeon 9800xt and every game was ok
My cpu is athlon 2500 barton and i have 1gig of ram installed.
any help would be appreciated
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    What is your power supply?
    Have you connected the extra power supply connector on the card?
    Did you clean out the old drivers with Driver Cleaner Pro?
  2. HI thanks for your reply my power supply is 350 watt i only connected one molex connector to the card not two and no i didn't clean out the old drivers
    The guy i bought the card from on ebay told me i only needed to use one connector is he wrong?.I don't want to burn out the card
  3. You must use both connectors or the card will not get the power it needs.
    I think 350W will do and I would be reluctant to advise spending more on such an old system anyway.

    As for drivers it's best to do something like this:

    Download and install Driver Cleaner or Driver Sweeper.
    Download the latest drivers for your hardware, this will NOT be the latest (version 9.6 I think) but something older. Do not install them yet.
    Set a restore point.
    Uninstall the existing drivers and software.
    Reboot into Safe Mode.
    Run the driver cleaner software but examine every entry it is going to delete and deselect anthing that looks wrong before finishing.
    Reboot normally and ignore the Windows Wizards, just click through them.
    Install the downloaded drivers and reboot when requested.
  4. 350 is a bit weak for that card i know someone who ran one on a 380 earthwatts but that was a beefy PSU for its Wattage, as cozie said the support for those cards stopped about 9.2 i think it was. The 8.12 driver wqas a good stable driver for my money http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/previous/Pages/radeonaiw_vista32.aspx

  5. Thank you coozie7, and mactronix, and evongugg. I plugged the second connector in and bingo all my games play fine once again i didn't need to touch the drivers
  6. I don't think 350W will do it. How many AMPs do you have on the 12v rail? If you have less than dual 14amp 12v rails or a single 18A 12v rail you probably don't have enough power for that card. Also, you have a driver issue to consider. Your best bet is to use the Omega drivers or to get special drivers from the card makers website. If you installed a newer version of catalyst that doesn't have the compatibility hack there is no way you will get that thing to run stable. Even if you use drive cleaner pro it won't automatically get rid of all the stuff those drivers leave behind. You'll have to google the problem to find out which files you have to manually remove and registry entries you have to change.

    Truth be told though I found it faster just to format the thing when I was trying to get my 1950GT to work on my Athlon 3000+. After a fresh install of XP installing the catalyst drivers should get you going. Oh yeah, make sure you disable fast read and write in your BIOS.
  7. HOW do I check the amps on the 12 volt rail
  8. Read the label on the PSU.
    Do n't forget, this is an older system, so it will tend to draw more off the 3.3 and 5 volt lines than the current rigs.
  9. I mean Omega Drivers, not the ATI Catalyst ones :D. Just google Omega Drivers and download the appropriate one.
  10. Take your PSU out of the case if you have to in order to read the label. Well, make sure to unplug it from the wall before you do that :D. Anyway it should say like 18A or something under 12v
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