What drive to record onto a dvd-r for windows xp

what drive to record onto a dvd-r for windows xp
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  1. Are you saying you need a writable DVD drive or want to know what software to use? If a drive, does your system have SATA or IDE connections for disk and optical drives?
  2. I do not know. I have windows xp home edition. I eventually had to put the digital camera videos and pictures on a friends computer to then put them on cd's. The digital camera videos would only load onto dvd cd's and not regular cd-r's but dvd-r's. Thanks
    I am not sure what is wrong with my computer drive.
  3. Well the first thing is that you did not explain what you were trying to do or what your hardware is or what you were doing to make this work. Now you have this whole thing about a digital camera.

    Start at the beginning and explain what you wanted to do and what happened.
  4. If you're trying to use the Windows XP CD writing wizard to write DVD's, it won't work. It will only write CD's.
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