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I have a Sapphire HD 1GB 4890 VGA that I recently installed into my system. It replaced a defective XFX 4870 which wasn't working properly and always shut down games.

The problem is, every single time I try to turn on my computer the graphics card fan keeps on spinning at 100%. Seconds later the computer goes, beeeeeeeeeeeep beep beep beep. The fan keeps on spinning, nothing shows up on screen and nothing happens.

When I try to turn on my computer again everything works fine and starts up. Other than that I did not notice any other problems whatsoever. What is the problem? How do I fix it? Thanks.
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  1. You need to post full system specs but what you are hearing is a bios code which is meant for trouble shooting/fault finding. it depends on your Bios as to what it means but on an AMI Bios it means there is an issue with teh Graphics card.
    Check your Bios version (Its the first thing listed on the post page when you turn the PC on.
    Post your specs and include Power supply as this would be one of the first things i would check.

  2. ASUS P6T SE motherboard
    Intel Core i7 920
    Sapphire Radeon 1GB 4890
    Corsair 650TX PSU

    Never updated BIOS or anything...I have it from the drivers or motherboard. What is wrong?
  3. Just a guess, but check your pci slot itself, look into it,, it could have a few bad connects from the older card having problems. Definately reseat the card.
  4. OK..I'll try that :)

    It can't be anything with the computer or PSU since they weren't the problem with another card I had.
  5. ATI? The other card?
  6. I used to have an XFX 4870...but it has having problems such as exiting out of games and saying display drivers are not working. Everything else was working fine so it was either the card. Now I got a Sapphire 4890 and this problems occurs every time you try to turn on the PC. It doesn't matter if it's sleep mode or not.
  7. Seems to be leading towards a possible Motherboard issue, if you had two cards now that don't play nice on it then that's the obvious conclusion.
    Whats the momory on your system ? and what OS is it ?

  8. No, I just have the Sapphire Radeon 4890 right now. I have OCZ Gold 6GB DDR3 RAM. I have Windows 7 RTM as well. Note that I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with the OS, RAM or the system itself (excluding any software or gpu issues) since things worked fine on a previous card.
  9. I will tell you later today what happens after I switch the card's slot. Can't right now as I'm doing things. :)
  10. Hi, I tried to move the graphics card to multiple different PCI ports but the same problem still occurs. When I turn it on the fan keeps on spinning at 100% and nothing happens. After another few multiple attempts trying to turn it on it eventually turns on normally.
  11. I contacted AMD support and they said that the card might need to be replaced. I just replaced my previous card :(

    What do you think it is?
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