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I have a BFG 8800GT factory OC and its been getting pretty hot to the touch. I checked the temp and it was at 79C idle. What percent should I run my fan? I have no problem running it at 100%, but will that damage the card running the fan so high all the time?
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  1. It will wear out the fan a bit quicker.
    I would suggest you take the card out and give it a good blow through using a can of compressed air, and take a look t the PSU and CPU while you're at it, the PSU is often overlooked when cleaning a computer but it can get clogged with dust just as much.
  2. I took my old Intel cooler off after only about 6months as i needed to replace the Motherboard and you would be amazed how much dust was packed in there

  3. Yeah, I vacuumed it all out last night, but I need to run some compressed air I guess through the graphics card.
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