Tutorial for conecting laptop to speedtouch main computor

I have a hp1702 main computor and a speedtouch modem. I wish to connect my laptop for seperate useage. I have been told that I need to connect the red plug from the modem to my laptop and when a form comes up I have to type in the modems serial nos. I s that all I have to do or is there more. I am new to this and need help.
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  1. I think you may find people too impatient to lead you through this, based on the level of knowledge you've shown.

    You are on the right track but seem to have overlooked the possibility that your laptop has wireless (which if it's a recent model it will).

    I would recommend reading the literature which came with your router and your laptop or downloading the manuals from the maker's sites.

    Alternatively find someone who's done this before and get them to do the install.
  2. have tried as I stated did not work. Will have to get cytanet out to sort. many thanks
    Pam Ainger
  3. all sorted thanks anyway
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