HELP no display , no beebs, just fans anbd lights!


this the 3rd system iv built and i have no diea what has happened.

I put the entire system together, power on, the lights, fans etc all come on , but no display and no beeb or anything.

Next i remove everything from case, try on mobo box, with notthing accept cpu and hs/f and theres no beebs. (there is nomobo speaker but if i plug in speakers shuddnt it come out of that?

if tried with a differnt psu same issue.

im using a AMD x4 950 BE with a asus M3N78-EM

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  1. You need an actual motherboard speaker. The beeps will not go through system speakers.

    This checklist should help you narrow the problem down:

    You should also post your COMPLETE system specs if you expect any decent help.
  2. k, so im kinda having a bad day and dint put as much effort into coming up with every possible solution, but assuming you know you didnt shock the board and damage it that way make sure you didnt accidentally knock off the CMOS chip ( the thing you use to reset your BIOS ). I did that the other day while cleaning out my system and nearly freaked out until I realized what id done. That would keep it from posting at all.
  3. is there any alternative to this mobo speaker, this sucks that thers no onboard one, can any mobo speaker work,i think i have a msi one if i remember correctly lol, ill have a rumage around
  4. OMG yes i found the speaker, never been so happy in my life to find a 2 inch mobo speaker :D, now gota figure out how to plug it in haha, it there a nameof the place it goes on the mobo?
  5. There should be a two pin header you can plug it into, its often next to a few other ones like the USB headers to save space. Check your mobo manual it should tell you where it goes, its likely color coded.
  6. ok now its beebing away like crazy, in a pattern.... BEEEEEB..... BEEB BEEB
  7. Copy down the beep pattern, you either have one that beeps in longs and shorts, or the beeps will come in clusters, copy it down and then look for a beep code list online to tell you what it means.
  8. One long beep followed by two short beeps usually indicates a video problem. You'll have to check your motherboard owners manual to verify. It's also very hard to try to diagnose a problem without knowing what hardware we're working with (GPU, PSU, RAM, etc...).

    Did you go through the entire checklist posted above? The solution to your problem is likely in the checklist.
  9. ok, this is strange, when i put a ram moduel in theres no beebs, widout a ram its long short short (or short pause short short)
  10. the gpu is 8300, 500wat modular ocz psu (tested with other 1 same issue) ozc 2gb ram 1033 ddr2
  11. See my response in bold above. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but your problems are very common and most likely easily fixed if you will just follow the steps in the checklist. That's why the checklist is a sticky. #2 on the list is the most common mistake. Faulty RAM is fairly common also. Remember that the motherboard owners manual is your friend.
  12. iv had a run though all seems ok, i have 4 seperate modules of ram (all the same

    tried each one on differnt dimms,no change, can i not get into the bios without the ram, could it be that the bios is out of date, the cpu is AM3 so it needs a new bios to reconize it ?
  13. You're computer won't POST without any RAM installed. The link you gave for your RAM takes me to a list of about every possible RAM kit OCZ makes.

    I wasn't aware that AMD had released the "AMD x4 950 BE" yet. Do you mean the Phenom II x4 955? If so, yes you most likely need to update your BIOS. The 955 isn't supported until BIOS version 0601 released on 05/08/2009.
  14. lol yh thats the one, sorry about not making this very clear before,

    yh i think the bios may be the issue, there were two bios;s released at the start of last month and they allow compatability with the new cpus,maby the mobo shipped out didnt have it installed.

    problem now is i cnt get to bios to upgrade it, i think it could be a case of the memory not being compatable, according to the specs it should do, ill try get some cheap ram tomorrow and test again,
  15. just had a look round, the AMI beeb code says 3 peeps = memory problems , however the beebs only occor when there isnt any Ram installed, so i donno., im goingto get some ram and a graphics card to moto test, if that doest ill gt a replacment on my motherboard
  16. tried with new integral 1gb ddr 2 ram, no change, do you reckon its the board or cpu?
  17. OP, if you would have taked the time to list your hardware from the very beginning, it is pretty apparent what your problem likely is.

    Your motherboard BIOS does not support your CPU.

    You will have to obtain a CPU that will boot with the BIOS you have, and update the BIOS to the latest version, and then....and only then, will the motherboard make it to POST. Or send it back and make it clear to your vendor exactly the CPU you are trying to run.
  18. yh i got a return sorted out, you reckon if i told them, they would send it with the latest bios.

    sorry about not listing to begin with, was a lil crazy at the time haha, but yh i thought it could be that too,but wounldnt they of thought of this when building it lol? The latest bios only came out under a month ago so it very well could be the issue,

    ill try the ram tomo, if that dosent work, ill return it and tell them lol,
  19. ok i got the sempron, IT WORKED, updated bios, inserted the x4 cpu, and bingo it works, the ram works, eveything works :D:D

    thanks everybody for the help :D
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