Asus P5QL PRO or Gigabyte EP45-UD3L

O.k I need to upgrade my mobo , I have a p965 mobo and need to upgrade now , those 2 mobos i found good for my budget , which one do you think is a better choice if i want to overclock ? Please answer with details if possible.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Summary of my systems:
    GA-EP45-UD3P | Q9550 OC'd to 3.6 GHz (425 MHz X 8.5)
    GA-EP45-UD3L | Q6600 OC'd to 3.6 GHz (400 MHz X 9)
    GA-EP35-DS3P | E5200 OC'd to 3.78 GHz (315 MHz X 12)

    Make a guess what I would recommend. :)
  2. ok thanks for the reply :)
    I guess you recommend the gigabyte one then ;) but have you tried to overclock with the asus p5ql pro?
    oh and have you changed the voltage, or just at stock voltages?
    I have e6600 by the way.
  3. I love asus boards. I have a PN5-D and oc my e8400 to 4.0 with a voltage bump. You might like the p5ql pro. They are both good companys
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