Comp reads different amounts of ram when upping Blck

Hi, I've an i-7 920 2.66 on a p6t deluxe v2 mobo with 6gigs of ram. I've overclocked it to 3.4 simply by upping the Blck to 170 without changing the voltage and it runs beautifully. However today i decided to change the Blck to 180 and when i rebooted my machine it now only reads 4gigs of ram. I thought it might be an error so i reverted to the previous 170 Blck settings and then it read 6gigs again. Is there something im not doing right here?

Why those my comp read the full 6gigs of ram when I overclock to 3.4 but only reads 4gigs when overclocking to 3.6.

Hope my post made sense...

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  1. if you didn't notice your RAM speed is tied to your base clock so it might not be getting enough juice. try locking it in around 1600 or 1333 whatever its stock speed is ...unless you want to bump the voltage on it some but you prolly wont see much of an improvement in real world things. you might want to make sure your turbo mode is off also :) im sure you know all this stuff but was just gonna say something if you didn't know. also don't leave your cpu voltage at "auto" i think it might over volt your cpu by alot if you have it overclocked that much and turbo kicks in. on that chip 1.25 is max stock but people will go higher depends on your cooling. goodluck

    but yeah the answer you need prolly is your bclock is tied to your ram speeds you can lock in the speed of your ram on the same screen there if you haven't tried that yet forget the setting but i think its just ram speed or somthing right under the base clock somewhere

    *sorry about my English's my primary language
  2. thanks for your reply, lazerblaster. im going to mess around with what you've taught me.

    cheers, pal
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