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My ASUS CPU cooler cannot be installed 1156 mother board? Where I may buy the bracket adapter?
What is the point Intel use different cooler specification for those sockets? Just a few mm make any difference? It is really stupid!
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  1. Not yet. None available at this time. Intel making money. Yes. No comment.
  2. To be fair Intel and the mobo manufacturers did say ahead of the launch that existing HSF's wont fit unless an after market bracket / mounting mechanism is used.
  3. I see. Just like those "Wet Floor" sign in restroom. If you still slip, then it is your own fault
  4. Contact Gary Stofer at Sidewinder Computers:


    Gary tells me his company is evaluating some LGA1156 bolt-thru-kits
    made in Taiwan. Email him for the latest details.

    Meanwhile, ASRock has a solution: 2 sets of fastener holes
    in their P55 motherboards:

    (see Combo Cooler Option)

    p.s. Intel has a much bigger problem with its stupid push-pins:
    it may be time for a major product liability lawsuit, given the
    high frequency with which users complain about overheating.

    Anybody remember the Chevrolet Corvair?
    Cf. "Unsafe at Any Speed," by Ralph Nader.

    Intel Push-Pins: Unsafe at Any FSB :)

  5. lol.... push pins was always a crap design - maybe they need to post the persons name on their website so we can abuse him ?
  6. I ordered my 1156 bracket from the Coolermaster Store. They shipped in 3 days and according to the tracking number I'll have it in my hands on Friday. I'm NOT happy that I spent $15 (nearly $10 of that was UPS Ground shipping) to get a piece of metal that should have come with my heatsink, but whatever... that's the price we pay for having new toys.
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