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What do you thing of the Antec Twelve Hundred Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case. but i dont know if it is a good case. Is it worth the money ? Also what about the room in the case. I'm Building I'core7 for video editing and gaming and multi tasking and running crossfire or sli? How Is it when it coms to heat??
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  1. The Antec Twelve Hundred is a very good full tower case. Ventilation, airflow, and cooling are excellent. The is a lot of room inside the case for components. It is one of the cases often recommended by the veteran posters at this forum.

    Here is a link to a technical review of the case:

    Here is a link to a video review of the case:
  2. OK, I can't resist. But just so you know, I'm one of the folks who just doesn't get the attraction of these Antec cases (ie, 900, 1200).

    They are large, heavy, and simple steel construction. They have lots of open grill work which lets in air and dust all over the case. OK, in the 1200 you get washable filters you can remove and wash. And despite the praise for the Antec's "airflow", I don't see the temps they can hold compared to other cases in reviews. Why, he asks?

    Why not cheaper, lighter, even smaller cases that cool well? Cases you can google reviews for and see their performance vs other cases? Like:

    Coolermaster HAF series, two sizes:

    Coolermaster Storm series, two sizes:

    Just a thought :)
  3. Twoboxer - First, the OP asked questions specifically about the Antec Twelve Hundred. That's why I did not mention the Coolermaster HAF 932 I currently have or the Lancool Dragon Lord I'm going to buy. Second, selecting a case is often a matter of personal preference.
  4. Yes, I know. And I tried to clearly indicate I have a bias against the Antec cases.

    But he did ask if the case was worth the money. I have no idea what that case will cost him, nor what cases are available to him wherever he might live. But by comparing, maybe he can better determine if its worth the money . . . to him.
  5. Ok the case is off newegg and it cost 159.99

    and im open for suggestins on other case that might beat the current one. These are the main things i want, Clean,Cool,Space, and durablity.
    not parts that are going to break easily. one more thing a dependable brand
  6. Compare the cases I listed to the Antec 1200.

    Google "Antec 1200 review", "HAF 932 review", "HAF 922 Review", "Storm Sniper review", "Storm Scout review". The cases have different sizes, prices, and you will find reviews that show how well they cool using NUMBERS from TESTING for temperatures and sometimes noise.

    Then make a judgement. Antec and Coolermaster are both good companies. The case choice is often a matter of personal taste.
  7. Thanx, finally someone replied correctly thanks
  8. Best answer
    I recommend the Antec 1200..... temperatures will depend on many individual things from build to build including fan speeds, use of "optional" fans and even which direction you mount the HSF. The HAF has some features I like, especially the provision of a 3 pin fan option but my main beef is the appearance.

    Also, Antec TS on the rare occasions I have needed it, is great via phone and for example when USB 2 hit the streets about a month after I bought several cases, they shipped me free replacement parts for the front panel ports for all my cases free of charge.
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