WOL issue on EP45-DS3R


My WOL fonction works only if the PC wasn't turned off for long time. After a night turned off, it won't WOL. I have to turn it on, and then after it's off, it will WOL. But if i'm far away i can't do that, so i want it to WOL anytime even after 2weeks turned off! How can i fix that?

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  1. Nobody? :(
  2. Are you sure that, after a while 'unconnected', that your packets are even arriving at the subject machine? If you have an ISP who's giving you an 'on-demand' (as opposed to a fixed) IP address, that address may be 'recycled' (and, therefore, disconnected) after a long period of being 'idle'...
  3. My IP address is fixed. On the other PC (quite old) it works... Both are linked by ethernet to the internet box..
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