I keep getting a high memory usage aleart . How do i correct this problem ? And when on Face Book, it freezes up with a aleart saying to quit running the scrip now or it would slow the computer down , It this to part of the problem ??? :pt1cable: Thank U Reno !!!
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  1. 2 things come to mind. First, how much RAM do you have? Have you tried closing other programs to free up some RAM? Using msconfig to clear out everything in startup except essentials like antivirus, and anything you very frequently use. That will save a lot of RAM.

    If you've got 4 GB of RAM and not using much outside IE, then you may have a virus or malware that's causing this. Have you run a virus/malware scan recently?
  2. It would be nice to know however, if you're relatively inept at running a computer, what all those programs ARE that are running! I open msconfig? It looks like a bunch of mumbo jumbo to me, and I end up x'ing out completely frustrated because it isn't written in plain English what in the heck each one is! If there was just a nice clear list somewhere of what CANNOT be shut down, that would be extremey helpful! My computer is only 2 months old but I'm having the exact problem as the poster is here and have been for at least a month..It has been awful, and I know there is a LOT running on msconfig but have NO IDEA what I can shut down or not shut down! ITS SO FRUSTRATING!! :fou:
  3. extremely* sorry
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