Hard Drive; my passport... did I buy the wrong thing

I was looking for a huge storage device so that I could store all of my photos and documents in one location from different comupters. My goal was to have everything contained on one portable device so I could carry them with me between home, work and other family members computers and access them. I bought a My Passport Essential SE 1TB thinking it would do what I needed but this thing seems to just backup and I can not figure out how to select what I want or how to view them without actually restoring them back onto a computer. Am I just not understanding this or did I buy the wrong thing for what I want to do?
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  1. Sounds like you just executed a backup of the software that came with the hard drive. This encrypts your files so that if your computer crashes, you have a backup stored.
    If you are looking to access the actual files on other computers, you would instead need to manually copy and paste them from your computer to the external hard drive.
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