ASUS P7P55D Pro Board = Real Good!

I just wanted to let you builders know...

I have tested this Asus P55 Pro board to the outter limits..

I put an i5 -750 on it, overclocked in 9 ways to sunday, and it's a very good & solid board!

I have Overclocked the i5 - 750 at over 6 Successful & Stable Settings (3.2 - 4.0 GHz!)

I used a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ for the Fan Cooler (Kept Temps very low!)

I used 2 X 2 GB of OCZ 1600 RAM (Had a little trouble with these sticks ,but they work well!)

After much testing, I'd have to say this board is well worth the money!

It has lived up to some very very brutal testing.. (over 2 weeks of torture testing OMG!)

I'd buy this board all day long!
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  1. Awesome. I'm planning on getting the ASUS Maximus Formula III. I hope that board is just as good.
  2. I just bought this board and can't wait for it to come! few days now! Heard alot of good things!
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