Overclocking xfx 9500gt

i want to overclock my xfx 9500gt i used evga precision to overlclock my gpu i overclocked my gpu from 550mhz to 650mhz..shader clock 1375 to 1625..and memory clock from 400 to 470 ..currently my temp is 47c when i play games my temp is 54c..can can overclock it further..my card is only 2months old
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  1. Overclocking a 9500GT is like putting a supercharger on volkswagon beetle.

    I think your already pushing it.
  2. Well i had an XFX 9500GT before i upgraded to the ATI 6750!
    That Card Is CRAP!(Sorry..But thats the truth)...
    I managed to get 650 Mhz(GPU) Max.. Dnt Remember Shader Clock! Using RIva Tuner!

    Anyways.. Your Card is 2 Months Old ? OMG! You Should Have enquired before getting it! For The Same price(Or Maybe adding 10-20$ more) to the price of the 9500GT, u cud hav got a great middle class card(ATI 5xxx series)!

    Anyways.. Good Luck WIth That!
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