Realtek ALC1200 - 5.1 Sound in Music etc

Hey, this if my first post at THW :)

I just bought a new computer, and I got the Motherboard Asus P6T SE with the integrated sound card Realtek ALC1200.

I am using logitech speakers (which are fully functional, tested on my previous computer) and when I switch to 5.1 sound it works in the menu, when I click each speaker to make each of them play a sound.

However, in music (for example, spotify) when I play a song it only plays in Stereo. On my previous computer it automatically used all the speakers at the same time (granted the music WAS in stereo, however it used all 5 (6 including s.woofer) speakers to play the song.

I have tried the setting Speaker fill which works fine, however the rear speakers sound garbled and distorted and they aren't even in synch. I have tried setting the "environment" setting to "Room", where it started to use all 5 speakers but the side speakers were just immensely louder than both the center and rear speakers, which sounded "flushed" (the Center speaker when using Speaker Fill sounded wonderful, with the Room setting it didn't sound good and it was very silent).

(I'm not very good at technical stuffs, so if you CAN simplify it, I'd be happy. If you can't I'll gladly do some research :) )

Anyone have any idea?
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  1. Hi!
    I just wanted to tell u that i have the same problem and i just wanted to know if u have found a solution :(
    Pls reply
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