Asus P6T malfunctioning

Ok before I type any further I just want to say I DID read the sticky about before I post. :kaola:

Anyways, ok so I recently built a new computer for a friend of mine and it has been about say 3 days since I built it. Everything ran fine until today June 6th. Well I haven't gotten to see it personally but he says that it starts and starts to boot into windows then his mouse, keyboard, external HDD, and monitor just shut off but the computer still runs. Then the computer starts back from the main BIOS screen and starts up again and does the same thing. I told him to remove everything except monitor and keyboard and start. Well it starts fine and gets into Windows and works but as soon as he plugs in the mouse it flickers and does the reboot thing! Thinking it's his mouse I have him change mouses but it still does the same thing. I completely puzzled right now with what could be wrong. My current ideas of what could be the problem are either 1. PSU is bad or faulty or 2. Mobo is defective and needs RMA.

Thanks for helping :D

Mobo: Asus P6T Mobo
CPU: Intel Core i7 920
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 275
HDD: 1 TB Hitachi 7k1000.B HDD
RAM: Patriot Viper Series DDR-1333 Ram 12 Gigs
PSU: Ultra LSP750 750-Watt Power Supply
Mouse: Razer Leiches
Keyboard: just a old dell usb keyboard that came with his other computer
External HDD: Western Digital Mybook 500gig
Case: Ultra M923 ATX Black Mid Tower Case

Just so all of you know everything was bought in a kit from here except for the graphics card, mouse, keyboard, and external HDD.
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  1. this will be a problem with drivers .

    either the usb mb driver or the software that came with the mouse .
    If software came with the mouse uninstall it and see if that fixes the problem .

    if it does then re-install and see if it works still . It might , it might not .

    If it fails then download the software from the makers web site and try again

    PS he should be able to boot in safe mode
  2. Everything had the correct drivers i'm positive of that. I was about to have him go into safe mode but all the sudden it started working! So if it ever happens again i'ill come back here or have him call Asus customer support. But thanks anyways for the help! :D kudos for you!
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