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Hi I am undecided between the following cases. For me noise levels are important as I use it for work and spend the whole day at the pc, plus at night I will probably be leaving it on frequently to perform some downloads. Any advice?

Thermaltake Soprano
Thermaltake M9
Antec 900
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  1. Antec gets my vote simply for the great cooling capabilities. At the end of the day its all personal choice which one is "Best"
  2. thanks, I like that case but am worried about the noise, as I've read some people complaining that its the one big minus of the case
  3. Usually there is a trade-off between cooling and quiet. Some cases do both fairly well, but there are always cases that will outperform them in one aspect or the other.

    You haven't mentioned what you are putting into the case, so we don't know how important maximum cooling might be. Please give us the system specs.
  4. Frankly, if you're going with an i920, you're likely going to want air flow even at the expense of quiet.

    All else being equal, and if I had no other choices, of these three I'd choose the Soprano even if it has a front door. It *might* seem quieter and might be cool as the 900:

  5. Well, the Antec Nine Hundred is extremely popular with gamers on a budget. The case is one of Antec's all time best sellers, if not it's number one case.

    Twoboxer correctly pointed out that there is a tradeoff between noise and cooling. Sometimes a compromise is appropriate. Here is a link to a very good web site about silent pc's which includes a section about pc cases:

  6. thanks, the antec 900 indeed does seem very popular from what i've read, and there are mixed opinions about how much noise it makes.
  7. ive decided to go for the coolermaster haf mini
  8. I think you made a good choice there. Good airflow and noise is not near as bad as the 900.
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