Rampage 2 Extreme won't boot

I have a new build WC'd R2E w/ i7 920. Just finished my 24hr leak test last night and connected everything up. When I hit the power switch everything came on for a second and then nothing. I checked the lcd poster when I tried again. It just says pwr_off briefly and then goes back to a timer. I have it connected to a thermaltake 850w PS. I tried connecting it to another thermaltake 700w I have laying around. Same thing. I have pulled and reseated the CPU and memory to no avail. Anybody have any thoughts?

Asus R2E
i7 920
Thermaltake-850-Watt TR2 RX PSU W0319RU
EVGA 896-P3-1255-AR Geforce GTX 260 896MB
D-Tek Fuzion2 CPU block
Bitspower BLACK FREEZER Asus R2E NB/SB Block
Swiftech Komodo GTX275-P897 Water-Block
Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Full Tower Case
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  1. Pulled my MB from the case and only had 1 dimm and the cpu. Still the same thing. Pulled off the nb/sb and mosfet blocks and the darned thing started up. Looks like i had some metal on metal contact. Now in the process of thermal taping the hell out of it. Hope this helps anyone that may run into the same problem.
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