Please Check my Build - Gaming Rig

BUDGET RANGE: £750 (or less, with VAT & Delivery)


PARTS NOT REQUIRED: mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:, ebuyer (Avoid I had a build all ready to buy form OC UK, and then found out that their after-sales service is atrocious. Googled around for reviews, and almost every person who ever tried to return a faulty device to them ran into massive problems. Apparently they literally try to ignore you hoping you'd go away)

PARTS PREFERENCES: Using Geforce 3D vision bundle with the rig. So NVidia cards only. And Intel CPUs. Mainboard with nForce chipset only.

SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Yes (Need support for it. Won't be using SLI at start, but will be wanting it a few months down the road)

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1680x1050 (However, will be running at 120Hz and in 3D. So for most games I play, I'd need a minimum of 50-60fps for the game to be playable - i.e. double the minimum acceptable FPS of a normal setup).

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I'm leaning towards the CM Storm Scout as it looks really nice and seems to have good airflow, fans etc. But willing to go for something else if forced to. You can ignore the choice of keyboard here. I'm just fine with any old keyboard. I picked this one for the integrated microphone. makes it easier to use ventrilo with a keyboard mic.


Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550, S775, Yorkfield Core, 2.83GHz, 1333MHz, 12MB Cache, 8.5x Ratio, 95W, Retail £167.66

640 GB Western Digital WD6401AALS Caviar Black, SATA 3Gb/s, 7200rpm, 32MB Cache £51.78

Akasa Nero AK-967 Intel LGA 1366 (S775/1366/939/940/AM2/AM2+) , Heat Pipe cooler, 120mm PWM fan, £23.98

896MB Asus GTX 275 55nm, 2322MHz GDDR3, GPU 633 MHz, Shader 1404 MHz, 240 Cores + Terminator Game £149.81

Sub-Total: £401.27


XFX nForce 780i SLI Socket 775 8 channel audio ATX Motherboard 148014 £109.99

CM Storm Scout Case - 120mm and 2x 140mm Fans Included 165238 £69.99

OCZ 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 1150MHz/PC2-9200 Reaper Memory Kit CL5 2.2V 164792 £54.00

Arctic Cooling MX-2 Thermal Compound 135613 84 in stock £3.75

Antec EarthWatts 750W Modular PSU - 80plus Certified 9x SATA 4x PCI-E 161664 4 in stock £90.41

Extra Value SKYPE Microphone/Speaker Integrated Multimedia keyboard - USB 132138 206 in stock £5.36

Sub-Total: £346.25

Grand Total: £747.52

I just want to be sure everything is properly specced out and compatible. Especially concerned about the PSU. Hope this PSU can handle my mainboard/processor/GPU/Overclocking and future SLI with a second GTX 275.
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  1. Re PSU: Brand is fine, 750W should be OK according to this:,2298-2.html
  2. Yes...that PSU is of very good quality...

    And just FYI, you can get an i7 setup for about £80 more...
    i7 + UD3R( Supports SLI with just a simple BIOS update) + 6GB RAM
  3. Hi. Cool thanks :)

    yeah I cant go for i7. i'm already pushing my budget with 3d vision adding £400 (£1150) :( .... but one of my friends works at intel, said he might be able to get me a nehalem cheap (like £80). if it works out i'll go for the UD3R.
  4. ^ Hmm...then surely try for the i7...
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