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Hi, I am going to build a new computer to replace my 8 yr old dell dimension 8100, this is what i put together, can you please take a look at it and let me know if there is anything that can be improved or anything i should change up, thanks for any time you spend!
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  1. What are you planning to use it for? Whats the resolution of your current monitor? And what is the max budget you are willing to spend?
  2. I want to use it to play a few games here and there, surf the net and watching videos, monitor res max is 1280x1084, budget would be around 800 but cheaper is great also
  3. I see with the mail in rebate the price comes down to $105 + shipping. Over at newegg, an Asus 4770 can be had for $109, but gives you a free game. The radeon 4770 will also save you money over the life of the card due to decreased power usage... and will also outperform the nvidia 250 in many instances. The only other recomendation I could make is to consider a motherboard that supports 2 PCIe x 16 video cards instead of one as it is always nice to be able to easily upgrade should the need arise?!
  4. I would like this pc to be upgradable in the future so going with a motherboard that supports 2 video cards would be a good idea, i was looking at this motherboard and it is crossfire ready but since i am partial to nvidia would it also be SLI compatible?
  5. No, only nvidia chipsets and X58 chipsets are SLI capable because nVidia licenses SLI. ATI cards currently provide you considerably better bang for your buck and allows you to use basically any chipset so you may want to consider an ATI card.
  6. Another suggestion could be to swap the power supply for a pc power and cooling 750watt supply with a max power of 825watts. That should save you another $20 bucks; and PCP&C has one of the best reputations in the business... as well as the 5 year warranty.
  7. hmm does seem like ati would be a better choice, It would probably be wise for me to go with this and when i want to upgrade later on down the road pick up another one of them, am i right?
  8. i really wanted a modular psu but for the price this one looks nice
  9. ASUS has much better warranty for the same price. XFX has a lifetime warranty on all ther cards! Try to take this into consideration as parts do burn out and it really sucks when the item is just out of warranty and you have to fork over more money for a replacement. The good thing about SLI and Crossfire is that if one video card dies, you can still play with the remaining functional card until you get the bad one fixed or replaced. In a non-sli/crossfire system, when the video card craps are dead in the water.
  10. That was the power supply I was referring to. And as you can see, it is $70 off.
  11. unless your case is quite small then there is no advantage to modular psu's . The hx 620 is a good but very expensive . A corsair 650 TX is $80

    Socket 775 is intels old platform and being phased out .

    Consider building an AMD am3 computer .
    It will be cheaper and more future proof

    Currently the 720 be is $119 and out performs an e8400 in games and is a better multitasker thanks to having 3 core instead of 2

    2 x2 gig of good low latency DDR3 ram is $65

    SUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX $125

    Upgradeable , future proof , cheaper and better than an e8400
  12. I didn't see the promo code of EMCLVLN34 enterd in for the processor. This should save you a few more bucks.
  13. I didn't want to say it, but I agree with the outlander. You can get a 3.1 Ghz amd callisto processor with an Asrock crossfire capable motherboard (Both are the new AM3 technology), for $183... just look under combo deals at the Asrock 780g motherboard. The 780gx model Asrock costs more and does not appear to perform as well. You also have the possibility of unlocking the other two cores on this cpu.
  14. now i dont know what the heck i want to do....
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