4GB DDR3 memory compared to 3GB DDR3

is it worth an extra 50 dollars to have 4GB DDR3 instead of 3GB DDR3
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  1. What OS are you using?
    How many sticks do you have right now? 3? or 4?

    I say go with 4 because then you're dual channel is equal which makes it run better. I've seen weird things happen when the channels are un-even.
  2. Yes
    Are you running/planning 32 bit or 64 Bit operating system and how much memory is installed on GPU card.

    With 32 bit Operating system you will see all 4 gigs, HOWEVER only 3 -> 3.5 gigs will be available to operating system and programs depending on amount of viedo memory. That said, I always use the 4 gigs vs 3 gig of Ram - One desktop vista 32 and two laptops (1 vista 32 bit & 1 Win 7 32 bit).

    With 64 bit (or planning on upgrading to 64 bit), deffinently go with the 4 gigs of ram

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