Is my motherboard cooked or cpu?

Ive done all the normal testing, resetting bios, 1 ram stick at a time, and heres what happens, I shut down my computer just fine the other night had no problems. woke up to turn it on, powered on but no video beep and no post. did a hard restart with power supply since its done this in the past. Now it stays on for 5 secs then reboots itself, no post still nothing. on 5 secs reboots ect indefinately. Now heres what i did notice, the CPU fan was inop so i replaced it with a working one new heatsink ect. still the same problem, tried a new ps, same issue. so back to orginal ps and new cpu fan/sink I unplugged the 4 pin 12v power supply connector and now the power stays on no post ect but it doesnt reboot itself. I tested the voltage and ground and they are correct within the power supply. So the main question is, Which is likely failed the MB or the CPU?

Specs: MB - Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2L
Intel E6600 Duo core ect
crucial ram
rosewill power supply, 550W
Geforce 8800gt

thats off the top of my head

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  1. I've never had a cpu fail unless it overheated. If your heatsink was always making good contact and the fan turning, I would favor the motherboard failing over the cpu. And Rosewill isn't the greatest power supply. If you replace the motherboard, I suggest a better brand of ps. I use antec, but ocz and corsair are also good.
  2. It sounds like a motherboard failure, possibly a voltage spike that damaged a capacitor, or voltage regulator. Rosewill PSU's are not the greatest to base a build around. If you are going to go cheap, go cheap on the Case and RAM. Always get a good quality PSU from any of the following: Antec, OCZ, PC P&C, Zalman, Corsair, BFG, Seasonic, or even Thermaltake.
  3. rosewill PSU's are unstable at best, but as far as the question at hand, i would say it is likely the motherboard and not the CPU. As stated above, if you plan on getting another MoBo, get a decent 500+ watt Corsair or PC Power & cooling PSU, it'll last forever and they are solid.
  4. Your saying it's not POST ing...

    Do you see anything on the screen at all?
    If you don't see any video at all (not even a curser) I would try a different monitor and a different video card (or use onboard video).

    If you are getting some kind of video then it's pretty much a safe bet that you motherboard needs replacement/repair. (Check the warranty unless it's more than 1 yr old)

    If it's not the monitor or video card, THEN I would suggest you go ahead and replace your motherboard.
  5. I would definitely say it's the motherboard NOT the CPU. If the CPU was toast the motherboard would beep.
  6. Alright ill give it a shot when i get home, the machines over a year old so its been due, its been decent except for the cruicial ballistix ram that failed early on, I'll look into getting a better psu and MB
  7. well swapped out mb's and the same effect, could a bad cpu cause reboots without any kind of beeping or any kind of video at all? Im stuck for now, i can try my cpu in a buddies machine which is a mirror of mine to see if the problem traces if not I dunno where to go with it.
  8. rosewill PSU's are bad everyone has problems with them, so my guess goes to the psu.
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