Windows only booting once, possible MOBO problem? HELP!

Hello, I'm new to this forum but I think it might be the best place to get an answer to my question.

Homebuilt system:

Biostar ta790gx AM3+ Mobo
AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE
4 gig GSkill DDR3 Ram (2x2)
GeForce 9800gtx

I got a new stick of ram for Christmas so that I could run all 4 of my sticks of 2 gigs apiece for a total of 8 gigs. It was a different brand (Mushkin) than the rest of the GSkill sticks, but all of the timings and latencies were the same so there wouldn't be a problem. I installed all 4 sticks and the computer ran fine for a week, until I decided to do a random restart the other night.

The system would just hang at the windows 7 loading screen; the little 4 colored windows animation would not come up and it would just sit there and say "starting windows" forever...I even left it on overnight and when I came back to it in the morning it was still at the same screen.

I took out 2 of the sticks of ram and just started to use the original 2 sticks, one in each channel because that's how it has worked for the past 6 months.

I decided to take off the CMOS jumper and move it to the other 2 pins to reset it and then booted up the computer. It booted after I did this and I was able to access everything just like normal, except for the fact that the computer no longer recognized my video card and was running the system using onboard video. I transferred everything to an external hard drive and tried to format the internal hard drive, but when it had to restart itself as part of the installation process, it would just hang at the same screen like it always did.

The only way I can use the computer is if I reset the CMOS by way of the jumper and then it will be good for one boot up...nothing more. I took out the CMOS battery and let it sit for a while and then put it back in but that didn't help.

I need some help with this seems as though I've exhausted all of my options here and am thinking of sending back the MOBO to NewEgg and getting something different unless anyone could help me out.

Thanks for reading!
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  1. Just how new is your mobo? You might also want to consult a motherboard's QVL to make sure whatever RAM you put in it is tested as compatible.
  2. Also just for entertainment purposes you say you have 3 pieces of identical memory and one mushkin. Great
    Can you provide the specifics; model number of chip's, latencies/clock/voltage.
    Also until then it might be advisable to stay with just 4 gigs and quit formating/installing on the harddrive.
    If you decide to provide all the spec's then also identify which settings you choose.
  3. You can also try relaxing the the memory timing a little and increasing the RAM voltage a little.
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